About Me and website

About me:

My name is Kedar Karki. I am from Nepal. I study science in +2 level. I listen to lots of Nepali songs and I created this website just to upload the lyrics of the nepali song so it bevomes easy to understand the song for listeners.

About website : 

This is a blog basically to share the lyrics of the nepali songs. I upload the lyrics of both old and new nepali songs as well as the lastest one and you can even request a lyrics for any of the nepali songs you want me to upload. If you have lyrics, then you can too submit it via the contact us page.

Our Mission:
Our Mission is to helo the nepali songs listeners for listening song easily. Understanding the lyrics is more important than just listening it so I created this site in order to make the listeners easy to understand any of the nepali song and listen it with more ease. Any help or suggestions from the visitors are appreciated