Ask Buddie: The #1 Tech Community of Nepal

Ask Buddie is the online tech forum of Nepal where the members can ask, share and discuss the tech-related matters and each other and find the most relevant answers to their queries.

Origin of Ask Buddie:

Formally known as Tech Room Reload, the name was changed to Ask Buddie in order to grow and establish the tech community as a brand since Tech Room Reload wasn’t suitable as a brand. Many disagreements arose among the members initially regarding the name change but later Ask Buddie started growing and it has already crossed 10K members on its Facebook group and soon the web-based forum is going to be launched on to establish it as the #1 Online Tech Community of Nepal.

What’s special on Ask Buddie?

Well, the community was initially based on discussions of basic tech stuff but it is rapidly expanding on different sectors of technology which are described below:

Tech Queries:

Ask Buddie Community has more than 10K members and anyone who is unknown or has confusion about any tech stuff can post and ask for answers or recommendations and many experts provide relevant answers and clears the confusion of members.

Ask Buddie Open Source (ABOS):

Ask Buddie also has an Open Source program on GitHub where any member of Ask Buddie can contribute with a repository and help Ask Buddie not only to be the Tech Community of Nepal but also recognize the brand globally. Anybody can contribute to the Open Source on GitHub.


Ask Buddie also organizes meet-ups for discussion on different queries live. Recently a meetup was held on New Summit College, Kathmandu where many members of Ask Buddie participated and has a great discussion on Technology, Programming, Blogging, SEO, Digital Marketing, etc.

Apart from these, Ask Buddie also provides the latest news on different Tech Events. Recently, the community has informed its members about the events of Everest Hackathon and AI Expo Nepal about its details and registration forms which is going to be held soon in Nepal. Ask Buddie has also partnered with Everest Hackathon which will help its members a lot who are interested in Programming and Hacking. Anyone can participate in the Hackathon, collaborate with the members and start up their own business. Ask Buddie will continue on informing and engaging its members on such events.

Web Hosting:

Tech Community – Ask Buddie has also collaborated with the web hosting provider BuddieHost to provide a cheap and reliable hosting solution for the community members with direct contact with the hosting owner. It also distributed free web hosting to the members who were enthusiastic about blogging but didn’t have capital. More than 400 Ask Buddie members have already received the free web hosting through BuddieHost. If you are interested in blogging then BuddieHost is happy to provide you with cheapest Shared Hosting or a dedicated VPS server of your own.


Are you a programmer? Or do you want to start learning programming languages? If you are already experienced in programming then Ask Buddie already has its Open Source program where you can contribute to the community. If you are a beginner then Ask Buddie has a group of experienced programmers who are ready to help you with any of your confusions and encourage you in programming. It also provides different programming challenges to boost your programming skills up a level.


Ask Buddie Is always dedicated to making their members happy so it provides different types of giveaways. The free hosting giveaway was recently completed where more than 400 members got the free hosting. It also provides several other giveaways like Netflix Account Giveaway, Spotify Account Giveaway, Grammarly Account Giveaway which are distributed regularly to its active members. Now, It is giving away the premium Numinous Pro Theme by Rara Theme costing $59 for free to its 10 members.

About Numinous Pro Theme:

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Final Words:

Ask Buddie is not only limited to the above things, but the community is also growing everyday with different events, programs, discussions, tips, tricks, giveaways and collaboration and partnership with different brands and organizations to provide optimum satisfaction and easiness to its members for their startups and eventually to be the #1 Tech Community of Nepal.

So, What are you waiting for? Join Ask Buddie Community right now and be yourself a member of the community to expand your dreams, business or startups related to Technology.

Visit Ask Buddie Official Blog to get news about the latest Tech Trends.

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